Are you a professional in the healthcare industry or a facility owner or manager who is faced with daily infection control and particulate contamination challenges in critical indoor environments?

Are you burdened with the pressure to simultaneously increase patient outcomes, reduce administrative and clinical costs, and minimize operating expenses for your healthcare facility?

Are you a building owner, facility manager, designer or engineer needing to stay on budget and on time with new construction or renovation of facilities that have unique demands while also looking for ways to minimize future operating cost and maximize efficiency?

Total Ceiling Solutions, LLC ("TCS") is a leading solution provider of Healthcare Infection Control, Controlled Air Solutions and Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions, helping professionals in healthcare facilities remove and kill pathogens quickly, economically and effectively.

Our Infection Control Product Specialists, Controlled Air Specialists and Efficient Lighting Products Specialists help customers deploy Health Risk Management Systems with Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions and Controlled Air Purification Systems with specialty HVAC Grilles, Registers and Diffusers to complete projects throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Canada and Mexico.

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